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Kansai International Airport
Osaka International Airport
Osaka Port
Sakai-senboku Port is gaining attention as a center for advanced industries
Sakai-senboku Port borders Osaka Port and is bordered by the Yamato River to the north. This specially designated major extends across the three cities of Sakai, Izumiotsu, and Takaishi, running 14 km north-to-south and 10 km offshore and encompassing a harbor district of about 9,000 hectares. Over the years, this part of the Osaka Bay Area has become known for its continuous rows of liquid crystal panel and solar cell factories that ship out from Sakaihama (Sakai District 2) and for the plans to build the world’s largest solar power installation, a mega-solar power plant at Sakai District No. 7–3.
●Main Harbor Facilities
Sukematsu-Wharf (Takaishi City/Izumiotsu City)
The core wharf facility, which accounts for about 20% of the general freight handled at Sakai-senboku Port, is outfitted with three enormous gantry cranes and container yards for handling container freight, as well as a used-automobile handling yard and a ferry terminal. Private freight facilities and a wholesale flower market are also located here. Furthermore, it offers all the harbor capabilities necessary for being an international distribution hub, and it serves domestic ship routes to destinations like Chiba and Miyazaki in addition to a weekly service run by Centrans International Marine Shipping Co., Ltd. (CCL).
Shiomi-Wharf (Izumiotsu City)
These facilities are proud to handle the world’s largest volume of plywood in addition to used automobiles, steel, gravel, sand, and more. Shiomi-Wharf serves as an overseas trade hub responsible for about 50% of Japan’s freight exports in these categories.
>Port & Harbor Bureau Prefecture of Osaka (PDF)
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