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Osaka Information Service for Foreign Residents (OIS)
Information Plaza Osaka

Major business centers like Kita, Minami, OBP, and Nanko Port are served by a mesh-like public transit network. It offers a convenient way to get from place to place, whether for business or pleasure.

>Subway & Bus:Osaka Municipal Transportation Bureau
>Hankyu Railway
>Hanshin Electric Railway
>Kintetsu railway
>Keihan Electric Railway
>Nankai Electric Railway
Explore Osaka with the Help of Incredible Discount Fares!
Two-day transit passes allowing the unlimited use of subways and buses within Osaka are available for foreign visitors. A Two-Day Osaka Unlimited Pass 2DAYS for Foreigners is also available for ¥2,700, offering a bundle of discounts and other benefits at 26 restaurants in Osaka and 26 tourist sites that charge admission, including the Osaka Castle keep and the Floating Garden Observatory.Take this opportunity to leisurely explore the city of Osaka over a two-day period. There is also an Expanded Area version costing ¥2,200–2,500 that will let you ride to railway stations not just in Osaka but in the surrounding regions as well.
  Sales Locations: Osaka Visitor's Information Center, major hotels in Osaka, and foreign travel agencies (Note that a passport must be shown when purchasing these passes in Japan.)
★Guidebooks are available in English, traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, and Korean.
>For more details or other inquiries, contact:
Osaka Unlimited Pass Guide Book
Osaka Subway Station Name Indicators
All names of stations on the Osaka subway system are indicated by the initial letter of the subway line and the station number. This makes it easy for foreigners to figure out what station to meet at or change trains at.
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